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At QSMC, we believe marketing provides the ultimate user growth & satisfaction by progressive innovation and product development through market response and feedback. 


Our Benefits

Global Team

A global team of experts provides you with the best strategy for your product growth.


Scale-up with on-demand services.

Growth Oriented

Growth is the key focus.

Pro Tools

Best in class tools provide the best results.

ROI Focused

Multiply your revenue with targeted marketing.

24/7 Tickets

Ping us, for instant response

“Content is fire, social media is gasoline.”


We work on weekly & monthly budget. The pricing is custom for each project depending on the KPI’s. 

Our team will discuss the strategy for your goals. Please note that we wont share any trade secrets or private data.

We ensure timeline of marketing synchronizes with your product development. But failure to develop the product in time may cause marketing to not work, in such case team QS is not liable.

We respect privacy and we do not share any client data what-so-ever.


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