Tech & Marketing

  • Vision: Product, Marketing & Ecosystem builder for Web3 companies to create & penetrate markets globally on chain & off chain.
  • Our Direction: Focusing on the impact of "execution," QSMC engages from beginning to finish. We will evaluate the situation, develop the best plan, and execute it¬†together with the team to realize its fullest advantage.
  • How we work?: QSMC accelerates teams' growth in the global markets, followed by expanding to the APAC markets where web3 is leading the industry in adoption, use, and value.

Software Development

Software development for blockchain/ web3 projects in DeFi, dApp, NFT, Marketplace, Apps, Web Apps, Websites. We support traditional web2 projects aswell.

Smart Contract

QSMC help in smart contract development and third-party audits. Smart contracts for Tokens. NFTs, DAO's & tokenomics is also designed by our experienced team.

Web3 Marketing

QSMC team provide end-to-end marketing services for blockchain/ web3. Beginning from whitepaper creation with its core on community, QSMC's team specialises in web3 marketing. We provide management & growth of social media and chat servers on Telegram and Discord. QSMC also provides full campaign assistance for Airdrop, Bitcointalk, Reddit, twitter, and influencer based marketing depending on your needs.
  • Who we are?
    Starting from community creation & whitepaper development, QSMC focuses on how to make a sustainable growth with the right market analysis, covering overall necessities in the Web3 market with expertise and various experiences.
  • Fundraising
    QSMC primarily helps in fundraising token sales. We fill in the potholes and give project actionable path for successful fundraising and beyond.
  • Tech
    Web3 is all about tech, our development teams primarily works on smart contract development & audit along with traditional apps & software's development. We also help with enterprise grade Cloud MSP for SMB's.
  • Strategy
    QSMC sets up the most effective & efficient GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy for product development, community expansion/growth, marketing and business development.
  • Connect
    Please use the contact form to connect with us. We provide free 30 minutes consultation to help you with your project, regardless you choose to work with our team or not. We push Web3 and are very interested in connecting with industry leaders.

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Free 30 min consulting with QSMC team.


Web3 Fundraising
A global team of marketers ensures your project reaches international audiences, progressively penetrating specific regions such as APAC. .
Web3 Marketing
We help projects reach financial goals with pre-sales and private & public token sales. QSMC's team has launched over 20 projects in web3.
Software Development
Leverage ready-to-deploy teams to develop & scale your software development workforce. Enterprise Grade Development, Audit & Maintainance
Our teams love storytelling. Reach more audiences' hearts with psychological & professional designs that lead you towards success from QSMC.
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